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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fashion trend : Blooming up the floral print

Florals may be timelessly filled with spirit of spring or summer. Floral prints has became a trend since a long long time a go. We can find many vintage stuffs that have floral print on it. In 2013, Fashion’s ongoing love affair with floral prints. From soft pastel blossoms to dark garden in full bloom, there are numerous ways to work florals into your wardrobe this season. Everything appeard to be blooming on the spring 2013 runaways, from light-a-air dresses, flowy skirt,, silky jumsuit, shoes, bag and even sunglasses.

While the floral print trend has been in full bloom for as long as we can remember, 2013 brought with it oversized floral motifs that even included 3D designs. I put some floral print for the next collection of voila oxfords shoes.

navy fleury oxford

the details

For those less willing to live in bloom all season long, the floral trend still continues from previous years with printed pants, mini-dresses, skirts, and everything else retailers can put a flower on. Florals are all about having fun with fashion and embracing the joy and romance of spring. Perhaps this is why the floral trend is one that just won’t go away. And don't forget to put this navy fleury oxfords to your shoes pack and let's bloomming up this season!! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stripe This Summer Out and be Crazy!!

"It seems like walking the line is the big thing to do for next spring, with designers galore showing stripes. Thick or skinny, horizontal or vertical, it’s a trend to watch."

It’s the linear look this season, with stripes racing ahead of the fashion game. Stamping the collections with stripes, chevrons and pop-art zig-zags.  In fact, Stripes are a fashion favourite, and actually, this one is my favorite too. STRIPES are totally fills my closet. Some fashion trends get recycled every few years, and that seems to be the case with this season’s reappearance of wide stripes.

We've been seeing stripes for a while now on designer runways and in stores, and they're back for spring and summer 2013.  Stripes is a universal staple. the lined trend is a classic that always pops up, but this season in particular it’s showing real staying power. Many Designers have used stripes in many different ways for this season. And i am one of them. I decided to design one, shoes with stripes.

Since that was summer, i made a sneaker to gave more casual look and put some cool colors on it : white and blue. At first, i used a white laces for this design, then i found that was really boring even it had vertical and horizontal line in the whole shoes. So i changed the white laces into a green color, a shocking green one ! i think that was pop-up perfectly for this summer.
So, Stripe This  Summer Out and be Crazy!! Just like our crazy chevron stripes :) 
Happy stripie summer everyone!! 

Crazy Stripes Sketch

Detail of chevron stripe

Chevron Stripe

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hello Voila's LOGO

Hi Fellas Voila..

Today i wanna share to you the story behind my Hello Voila's logo :D
But first of all i will tell you about Hello Voila. Hello Voila is a local shoe brand from Bandung city, Indonesia. Hello Voila has speciality in Oxfords shoes, Boot Shoes and any kind of  that. It's a handmade shoes that have a very great quality both of it's work and material. The designs are a unique that have different stories, backgrounds and concepts for each pairs of the shoes.

The Voila's logo has a circle shape that has a pair of shoes inside. 
The circle shape means globe/arround the world. 
The shoes inside the circle that has one step forward means Voila as a leader/guide. 
And the last, the stripes background is a Sun or means a brighter life/future/dreams that we had. 
The whole Voila logo means :
" Voila leads the way to your lucky place"
 (a place you dreamin' of that have a brighter life)

Remember The Voila's tagline ini the first post?

when you wear a great shoes, it will makes you feel  beautiful, amazing and confident at the same time. Then, when you felt that way you will easly get your luck on your own. So, Voila wannna give that  great feeling to all the women and girls in world. So when you  wear Voila shoes, just feel the feeling! then VOILA!!! it will guide you to your lucky place.then you just enjoy your luck!

I really hope that everyone that bought Voila shoes can get their own luck,, i means everybody in the whole world can get their own luck and reach their dreams no matter what they're wear or where they're come from. Dare to dream guys! Because dream can come true. 
Have a best luck everyone :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013's totally has a Vintage Vibe

Hi everyone !

Glad finnaly find my lil time to write :D .. today i will review hello voila's best seller collection. yippieee!!! \o/
i found that many of fellas voila like this collection so much. It's named "PATRON Collection". 

Chocolet Patron

Bleu Patron

I design this oxfords shoes with pull up leather mix with paris cotton that has a beautiful kind of tribal pattern. At first i just made only the brown one. But since it has many fans that love this collection, i decided to make another variant color, and i choose the navy blue color. I think both of this oxfords shoes are perfect, especially for you who like the vintage things, because, like everyone said, "it's totally has a vintage vibe".

I am very happy that this patron collection wore by 3  awesome bloggers in town : Evita Nuh, Clara Devi and Stevia Indrawan. Yeaayy!!! Even Stevia Indrawan made full post with this patron on her blog.. check this blog out

I love to see they wore chocolate patron for their style. And I think they have different way to wear this patron in a good way ofcourse. So maybe it can give you ideas to wear patron oxfords. If you like the simple look, since the shoes has a a lot of colours and pattern you can combine  with the simple denim shirt and nude highwaist short for the simple look, just like stevia did. But since the oxfords shoes for years and years was a part from the menswear, the boyish look can be one of your perfect alternative style for you, like  Evita nuh did. She combined this oxfords with vintage pants, those look really screaming a vintage vibe right? :D... But if you prefer to cute look, you can combine your style like Clara Devi did for her outfit :D

So which's your favorite? Simple look, Boyish look, Cute look, or even you have your own look?

Stevia Indrawan's look
Image from stevia's  blog : sweetest escape

Evita Nuh style
Image from Instagram : @nuhevita

Clara devi's Outfit
Image from Instagram : @lucedale

Monday, July 8, 2013

Glow Your Dark Lights Out

I have had an incredibly busy week in crazy Bandung city.. It is hard to feel alive when you are hurtling through the colourful bustling streets but couldn't really enjoy it. it's totally drive me mad. All the routine things just killing me sometime.Work, Love, Life.. i know it's kind of depression feeling or something. But it's not that i wanna share with you guys. And i am surely sure, that everyone had ever felt the same way just like i did. But one thing that you have remember, Pain can be our greatest teacher. It's leads us to the place where we'd never go our own. Both positive and negative experience take us to where we are now. All i wanna say that out of the darkness must come a light. Some says, that is always darkness just before a dawn. 

why i told you about it? because it's true!! At least it's happened to me..The lights finally found me :D

That day i felt so depress and stress out. everything seemed so wrong.. Then I just remember that i have a little thing to do that time..Hello Voila - my shoes brand - need a new design for the production. At first, it was so hard to think  and design a new thing for my shoes brand when i felt so down. But then the "light" came out..and "THE LUMIERE" was just born.

Lumiere Design 1

Lumiere Design 2

Lumiere Design 3

What i love about this Lumiere design, it's very honest. I mean, it was really what i felt. All the sad things, pain and the darkness that i felt become a beautiful things, hehe :P .. And when the first time i saw lumiere, i think of how beautiful pain it is when you see in different way. So if you feel down just be brave, face it! and believe that God's alive and well, then you will see the light soon. When it happened, Happiness is all you'll feel. After i realize that, all good things are popping out in my life. I am so grateful..And then, this Lumiere collection has become one of voila's best seller. Thank you for everyone who bought of this collection.  I hope when you feel sad and the darkness around you,  from this shoes you'll remember that the lights will comes out to find you :)

HelloVoila Lumire Grey and Creamy Lumiere

The Grey Lumiere
The Creamy Lumiere
Almost forgot,, Evita Nuh , my favorite blogger also have this lumiere collection..I love all about her. her style, her thought about life, and every little things that she do always amazed me. And What amazing about her, she's only 13 now.. Go to know more about her at .. I bet you can't stop read her blog over and over again.. hope she'll wear it and share her style on her blog, instagram or somewhere else, he he he.. I 'll be more than happy to see that..

Image from Instagram : @nuhevita

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back in Some Colors

Hi there! It's been quiet here lately. I don't really have any proper time to update the blog, but finnaly get this little time to updated. so many things that i wanna tell you about,,but i need a loooong way to write it on .so for now i just wanna show you the latest collection of voila . here's the CHOCA collection..

Oxfords shoe has become a trend now and it's no longer for men only! I think it's a great trend for women as well. The greatest thing about the Oxford shoe is the versatility and comfort! Wearing an oxford shoe is an ideal choice when you want to wear a shoe with the comfort of a ballet flat but with a bit more style. I designed this collection with a simple shape. But since it's for women i put some bright colors on it. i think the bright color will balanced the femininity of  the mainly look on this shoes.

 I used a suede leather for the upper of this collection. Suede is a type of leather with a napped finish, commonly used for jacket, shoes, purses, furniture and other items.  I choose 3 variant colors of this collection : fuchsia, Tosca green and yellow mustard. Then i changed the third color into yellow lime because it's kind a hard to find a stable one. Every time  i bought the mustard suede for the production ,the mustard color is always bit different. The color always changes, i never found the same color like I've got for the first time. So I decided to change the third color into yellow lime. And i think it's quite cute :) . 

Tocca Choca
Pinky Choca
Yellow Choca

By the way, the yellow one was wear by one of  Indonesia blogger : Mitha Komala.. Who doesn't know about her? she's one of greatest blogger in here. She has significantly simple style and also chic at the same time. If you still don't know about her, go visit her blog : Letters To Juliete 

Image via
 I am very pleased that she wear one of my design and mention Voila in her blog. Love the simple look of her style. The yellow choca "pop-up" perfectly on her look. And drool of those zara top ^^... You can  Check her full post here . 

So, I think I should go by now..hope you guys enjoy visit my i am signing off now..See you to the next post..Bye ;)